Meyn technology services

Meyn technology services

You are faced with an increasing competitive environment. In order to stay profitable, creative solutions focusing on maximum revenue over the complete production chain are needed. Especially with increasing throughput, a small difference in yield, product mix or logistics can already have a huge impact on financial results. You are fully aware that continuous improvements are the key to success, but it is sometimes hard to see where they can be found within your process. That is why Meyn now introduces Meyn technology services; to help you get a clear view on the possible opportunities in your process. Our technologists, with global experience in poultry processing, have all the knowledge it takes to benchmark your facility to the best practices.


Step 1: Determine the scope

Together with you we determine the scope and the main objective of the survey. The scope can consist of:

  • One specific department
  • Primary (live bird handling, slaughtering and evisceration) or secondary (chilling, weighing/sorting, cut up and deboning) processing
  • The complete process from live bird handling to deboning

The survey always includes one main objective or focus point. The Meyn technologist will take this objective as the main focus during the survey and uses this as the basis for the report.

Step 2: Execution of the survey

The Meyn technologist visits your plant and will give a short introduction to the plant manager, production manager and Q&A manager. Together with them, the way of working will be determined. Inside the plant, the Meyn technologist will analyze, measure and monitor your process and talk to your operational and Q&A team. The main focus will be on the previously set objective, but general aspects will be looked at as well. The last day of the survey, the Meyn technologist will already share the most important findings with the plant management.

Step 3: Extensive report

In the weeks following the survey, the Meyn technologist will write an extensive report including findings, conclusions and recommendation obtained during the visit. The report will give insight on possible cost reductions that can be achieved, and will also highlight ways of potentially increasing your revenues.

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