Product Life Cycle Policy

Product Life Cycle Policy

Our customers rely on the Meyn portfolio in their daily operation. Processing continuity is vital.

To avoid unexpected disruption in the production process, Meyn will timely announce product discontinuations to enable customers to take preventive actions.

Naturally, Meyn will advice and support customers to migrate to the latest version of products, platforms and technology.

The three stages of the Meyn® Product Life Cycle Policy

1. End of active Sales (EOAS) means that from this point in time, the product continues to be part of the Meyn product portfolio but will no longer be promoted.

Meyn continues to supply spare parts and support remains. 

2. End of Support (EOS) means that from this point in time, the guaranteed support for the product ends. Meyn may continue support, including product updates, at Meyn’s own discretion and on an best-effort basis.

From a product has reached its EOS state, availability of service and spare parts is not guaranteed. Therefore, during the EOS state, product modifications and upgrades -if available and backwards compatible-  are strongly recommended.

3. End of Life (EOL) means that from this point in time, the product life cycle has ended and the product is obsolete. There are no longer product updates and best effort support is not economically viable anymore.

The two product categories of the Meyn® Product Live Cycle Policy

1. Equipment

Mechanical support of machines more than 10 years old is provided according customers’ agreements. Equipment and machines will be succeeded by new versions, though support remains possible until further notice and in accordance with EOS/EOL announcements.

2. Automation & IT-applications

The lifecycle of software and electronic equipment is strictly managed by users and suppliers.

When the End of Active Sales is announced by Meyn, the support period will have a pre-defined time till End of Support. In general, a distinction is made between:

  1. Electronic parts (e.g. PLC’s) are handled case by case.
    - General spares are available for 5 years (EOS).
    - Additional 5 years availability is based on best effort (EOL             
  2. PC-based equipment (e.g. Meyn® Distribution Manager)
    - After End-of-Active Sales, support is available for 5 years (EOS).
    - For another 5 year compatible alternatives and best effort support is available (EOL).
  3. Software support is available for current and previous version.
    - Older versions are supported based on best effort.
Further clarification
  • Support is related to the product lifecycle, not to the moment of purchase.
  • Meyn will do the utmost to inform her known customers timely and correct, but is not liable for incomplete information on her website.
  • In specific cases Meyn might be able to deviate from this policy; however, without creating a precedence.
  • Migration plans focus on equipment younger than 10 years.
    Older equipment is advised to be replaced when a modification or update is required.

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