Labor challenges
Labor shortage

Due to low overall unemployment, it’s hard to find workers and they quit their job faster.

“The unemployment rate has been steadily decreasing in the past decade”
Labor safety

Occupational injuries under poultry processing workers are very high compared to other industries.

“Non-fatal injury rate in the poultry industry is almost 2 times higher than the average”
Labor quality & consistency

Due to long working hours, lack of training, and harsh working conditions the output is not always optimal.

“Poultry workers work long shifts, often 12-14 hours”
Our smart labor solutions

Labor savings

Maximizing automation reduces the need for manual workers

Machine safeguarding

High-risk machines designed to safeguard workers from touching moving parts

high quality end products

Innovations in automation which ensure consistent quality

EVO container systems
  • Automated unloading, cleaning and automated loading
  • No loading and unloading by forklifts
Cut up line M3.0
  • Easy access during cleaning and maintenance
  • Effortless operation due to limited complexity and moderate number of moving parts
Rapid Plus breast deboner M4.1
  • Saves up to 33 FTE
  • Less skilled labor required
How to achieve major reductions in required workforce?

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