Meyn at IPPE 2019 - ‘Let’s work!’
Meyn's innovative poultry processing solutions to help the customer with his labor challenges
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Smart Labor Solutions
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Dedicated to Poultry Processing
The reliable and committed partner of renowned poultry processing companies in over 100 countries worldwide
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Excellent support
What we offer you is more than just parts and labour. It's over 50 years of experience.
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poultry processing

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Upcoming events

Agro Animal Show
19 february - 21 february
booth: Holland Pavilion / C2

Sudan Poultry Expo
20 february - 23 february

12 march - 14 march
booth: 8-A34.B33

VIV Asia 2019
13 march - 15 march
booth: Hall 98 - Booth 4034

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